Prism Care Corporation, a Canadian owned and family operated company, was founded in April 1999 with a mission to benefit people and the environment. Our mission is simplistic, but its impact over the years has been profound.

In 1999, we were one of only a handful of Canadian companies offering ECOLOGO Certified cleaning products. ECOLOGO third party Certifications are lifecycle based environmental certifications that indicate a product has undergone rigorous scientific testing and exhaustive auditing to prove its compliance with stringent, third-party, environmental performance standards. In our own humble way, we set out to replace hazardous, toxic cleaning products in commercial and institutional facilities one building at a time. Today, our ECOLOGO certified products are used in hundreds of Government facilities as well as large and small Institutions and Businesses across Canada.

Over the years, we worked tirelessly, researching the best natural, plant-based, sustainable raw materials and utilizing them in countless formulations to test their effectiveness. We listened intently to suggestions from consumers far and near. Our research taught us that majority of consumers do not use natural products because they do not clean as well as traditional products and that they cost too much. We set out on a mission to develop high performance natural, non-toxic products that would not cost consumers any more than traditional cleaning products. This is how BiOFACTOR® was born. BiOFACTOR products are now sold across Canada, USA, China and South Korea.

We manufacture BiOFACTOR products using Bullfrogpower 100% green electricity. Our commitment to benefit people and the environment continues as we develop exciting new products. We list all the ingredients on our product labels because when you produce products with this much care, there’s nothing to hide.